1908 Bakery

 Globe AZ

Shadow figure have been spotted in the basement and footsteps coming up the stairs have been heard. Loud bangs and clanking come from the back of the basement where the mixer was stationed. One woman reported she heard a shrilling scream as she started up the stairs. 

Equipment The investigators will provide EM meters, FLIR cameras, paranormal Music Boxes, Shadow sensors, REM Pods, Spirit boxes, Ovilus and other equipment for free to utilize to try and catch evidence of the spirits.*. You can bring your own equipment if available 

History December 3, 1920 a baker named Joe Blessent was killed while cleaning the paddles of a large mixer. He was drawn in and his head was crushed killing him. The building next door was the Arden hotel built by the same owner

This tour and investigation is for entertainment purposes only.  The information provided is accurate as provided by local historians.  There is no guarantee there will be paranormal activity *Equipment varies