A Unique Paranormal Experience

AZ Ghost Tours events provide attendees with an unparalleled paranormal experience. Our goal is to make the events all the more realistic.  These are not like the other ghost hunts where you are jammed with 20 plus people watching someone else ghost hunt. The average amount of people we have on an event is only eight and some as small as four.  We usually break the group into small teams lead by experienced paranormal investigators.

Unlike other companies this isn't an opportunity for "our team" to investigate and have YOU pay for it. There is a minimum of two crew at any event or on big locations one crew member per four guests. This is YOUR TURN TO INVESTIGATE!

YOU ARE the investigator and will have access to the latest gear.   No following in line to watch a team recreate what they do on their investigations. No overcrowded events. No “Look at ME” leads.  We are not there to "entertain" you.  AZ Ghost Tours has a friendly, experienced team that will share theories and techniques.   We put the equipment in YOUR hands to explore the unknown.

Each ghost hunt is custom tailored to the participants. EX: If the group is composed of people new to ghost hunting, our team of paranormal investigators are there to assist you.  If the group have been on ghost hunts before there will be more time to explore this location and investigate on your own.  

AZ Ghost Tours host its events at locations that are said to be haunted. Plus, many of our locations have been seen on various paranormal TV shows. This allows guests to enjoy a truly unique experience, all while knowing they are supporting the preservation of paranormal history!  While we cannot promise you a paranormal activity every time, we promise you realistic paranormal investigating.


Our Gear

We carry the latest equipment available to the paranormal field.

Spirit Box - SLS Kinect Cameras - REM Pods - Music Box - Shadow Sensors Vibration Sensors - EM Meters - Ovilus & More

Ghost Hunters Outlet

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